Marvel Value Stamps and Other Interior Defects

Grading involves much more than examining the cover. To accurately assess a comic book, you need to carefully examine each page to ensure it doesn’t contain defects such as graffiti, tears, repairs or missing pieces. Many times, books contain things tempting a reader to clip them out such as coupons and Marvel Value Stamps.

I notice that many people at shows don’t ask to open a book before buying it. Nor do many ask if there are notable problems inside it. They tend to carefully examine the book’s cover then make a decision about purchasing it.

Fortunately, I am not a deceptive seller. I take great care in examining each and every comic book I grade, inside and out, before putting it up for sale. I note any problems and price it accordingly so the buyer is fully aware of its condition.

However, there are many sellers who apparently have never heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover”. Whether they are deceitful or simply being careless, there are too many transactions that involve a damaged book for which a buyer has paid too much.

Books graded by 3rd party grading services such as CGC provide an excellent means of shopping safely as details regarding damage and restoration are clearly labeled on the slab. But if you’re like me, you may prefer books that you can open, read and enjoy. So before buying your next collectible book, ask to examine it in its entirety. An honest seller will be willing to show you the book – just take extra care when looking at it.

The most common things you’ll likely find on the pages inside are writing and torn pages. You may also find crude repairs involving tape or staples. Some books have coupons that could be sent off (and thus cut out) or puzzles that were often filled in. All of these problems impact the value of the book and you need to consider how detracting they are.

Sometimes readers would cut out a favorite frame from the story. Often, frames of artwork appeared on the “Bullpen Bulletins” page, which were also commonly cut out.

Marvel Value Stamp

Then in 1974, “Marvel Value Stamps” were introduced.  These were frames made to look like postage stamps. You’d find them on the letters page. Marvel sold a stamp book separately so readers could cut out the stamps and tape them in the stamp book.

There were two series with 100 stamps in each. Series A featured a different character or set of characters on each stamp. The stamps were published in different books between March of 1974 and December of 1975. Not every book published during those dates had a stamp but there were a total of 307 books containing stamps.

During the same month, Series B was introduced which featured stamps that were part of a puzzle. There were 10 puzzles with 10 stamps each. This series ran until August of 1976 and were a little harder to find as they were in only 110 books.

Marvel Value Stamp Cut Out

The design of the Marvel Value Stamps encouraged readers to cut them out so the issues that featured them are more commonly found to be damaged. Usually the opposite side of the stamp was an advertisement but there are some that affected the story when cut out, which is a much more devastating defect.

Below is a list of issues containing Marvel Value Stamps and there are several valuable issues with Incredible Hulk 181 (1st full Wolverine appearance) being the most expensive.

Amazing Adventures23Mar-74A13Doctor Strange
Amazing Adventures24May-74A58The Mandarin
Amazing Adventures26Sep-74A96Dr. Octopus
Amazing Adventures27Nov-74A22Man-Thing
Amazing Adventures33Nov-75A52Quicksilver
Amazing Adventures34Jan-76B10Fantastic Four
Amazing Spider-Man130Mar-74A2Hulk
Amazing Spider-Man131Apr-74A34Mr. Fantastic
Amazing Spider-Man132May-74A6Thor
Amazing Spider-Man133Jun-74A66General Ross
Amazing Spider-Man134Jul-74A3Conan
Amazing Spider-Man135Aug-74A4Thing
Amazing Spider-Man136Sep-74A95Mole Man
Amazing Spider-Man137Oct-74A99Sandman
Amazing Spider-Man138Nov-74A41The Gladiator
Amazing Spider-Man139Dec-74A42Man-Wolf
Amazing Spider-Man140Jan-75A75Morbius
Amazing Spider-Man141Feb-75A35Killraven
Amazing Spider-Man144May-75A18Volstagg
Amazing Spider-Man145Jun-75A100Galactus
Amazing Spider-Man146Jul-75A67Cyclops
Amazing Spider-Man147Aug-75A42Man-Wolf
Amazing Spider-Man152Jan-76B6Conan the Barbarian
Amazing Spider-Man154Mar-76B49Fantastic Four
Amazing Spider-Man156May-76B83Incredible Hulk
Amazing Spider-Man157Jun-76B94Conan the Barbarian
Astonishing Tales23Apr-74A54Shanna, the She-Devil
Astonishing Tales24Jun-74A18Volstagg
Astonishing Tales25Aug-74A68Son of Satan
Astonishing Tales26Oct-74A66General Ross
Astonishing Tales27Dec-74A22Man-Thing
Astonishing Tales28Feb-75A84Dr. Doom
Astonishing Tales33Dec-75B3Captain America
Avengers121Mar-74A84Dr. Doom
Avengers122Apr-74A71The Vision
Avengers125Jul-74A69Marvel Girl
Avengers127Sep-74A13Doctor Strange
Avengers128Oct-74A70Super Skrull
Avengers129Nov-74A88The Leader
Avengers130Dec-74A96Dr. Octopus
Avengers131Jan-75A70Super Skrull
Avengers132Feb-75A78The Owl
Avengers143Jan-76B17Captain America
Avengers144Feb-76B39Mighty Thor
Avengers147May-76B76Incredible Hulk
Captain America171Mar-74A50Black Panther
Captain America172Apr-74A43The Enchantress
Captain America173May-74A61The Red Ghost
Captain America174Jun-74A48Kraven
Captain America175Jul-74A77The Swordsman
Captain America176Aug-74A15Iron Man
Captain America177Sep-74A26Mephisto
Captain America178Oct-74A89Hammerhead
Captain America179Nov-74A52Quicksilver
Captain America180Dec-74A61The Red Ghost
Captain America181Jan-75A46Mysterio
Captain America182Feb-75A36Ancient One
Captain America184Apr-75A94Electro
Captain America192Dec-75A56The Rawhide Kid
Captain America193Jan-76B1Amazing Spider-Man
Captain America194Feb-76B27Dracula
Captain America195Mar-76B42Incredible Hulk
Captain America197May-76B78Conan the Barbarian
Captain America198Jun-76B91Silver Surfer
Captain Marvel32May-74A19Hogun, Balder & Fandral
Captain Marvel33Jul-74A6Thor
Captain Marvel34Sep-74A25The Torch
Captain Marvel35Nov-74A1Spider-Man
Captain Marvel36Jan-75A25The Torch
Captain Marvel41Nov-75A2Hulk
Captain Marvel42Jan-76B18Fantastic Four
Captain Marvel43Mar-76B60Conan the Barbarian
Champions3Feb-76B29Captain America
Champions4Mar-76B57Silver Surfer
Conan the Barbarian36Mar-74A10Power Man
Conan the Barbarian37Apr-74A8Captain America
Conan the Barbarian38May-74A30The Grey Gargoyle
Conan the Barbarian39Jun-74A72The Lizard
Conan the Barbarian40Jul-74A31MODOK
Conan the Barbarian41Aug-74A91Hela, The Goddess of Death
Conan the Barbarian42Sep-74A24The Falcon
Conan the Barbarian43Oct-74A55Medusa
Conan the Barbarian44Nov-74A71The Vision
Conan the Barbarian49Apr-75A80The Ghost Rider
Conan the Barbarian59Feb-76B33Dracula
Conan the Barbarian60Mar-76B48Dracula
Conan the Barbarian62May-76B89Stan (the man) Lee
Creatures on the Loose28Mar-74A15Iron Man
Creatures on the Loose29May-74A37The Watcher
Creatures on the Loose30Jul-74A65Iceman
Creatures on the Loose31Sep-74A30The Grey Gargoyle
Creatures on the Loose32Nov-74A34Mr. Fantastic
Creatures on the Loose33Jan-75A24The Falcon
Creatures on the Loose36Jul-75A73Kingpin
Daredevil110Jun-74A51Bucky Barnes
Daredevil111Jul-74A70Super Skrull
Daredevil112Aug-74A63The Sub-Mariner
Daredevil113Sep-74A85Lilith, Dracula's Daughter
Daredevil116Dec-74A95Mole Man
Daredevil117Jan-75A88The Leader
Daredevil127Nov-75A80The Ghost Rider
Daredevil129Jan-76B4Incredible Hulk
Daredevil130Feb-76B15Stan (the man) Lee
Daredevil131Mar-76B47Mighty Thor
Daredevil132Apr-76B63Stan (the man) Lee
Daredevil134Jun-76B95Doctor Strange
Daredevil136Aug-76B5Stan (the man) Lee
Defenders15Sep-74A8Captain America
Defenders16Oct-74A44The Absorbing Man
Defenders17Nov-74A20Brother Voodoo
Defenders19Jan-75A98The Puppet Master
Defenders23May-75A78The Owl
Defenders31Jan-76B12Silver Surfer
Defenders32Feb-76B26Silver Surfer
Defenders33Mar-76B41Incredible Hulk
Defenders35May-76B82Incredible Hulk
Defenders37Jul-76B53Captain America
Defenders38Aug-76B6Conan the Barbarian
Doctor Strange1Jun-74A23Sgt. Fury
Doctor Strange2Aug-74A5Dracula
Doctor Strange3Sep-74A14The Living Mummy
Doctor Strange4Oct-74A33Sue Richards, Invisible Girl
Doctor Strange5Dec-74A76Dormammu
Doctor Strange6Feb-75A37The Watcher
Doctor Strange12Feb-76B37Captain America
Doctor Strange13Apr-76B72Mighty Thor
Fantastic Four144Mar-74A39Iron Fist
Fantastic Four145Apr-74A9Captain Marvel
Fantastic Four146May-74A91Hela, The Goddess of Death
Fantastic Four147Jun-74A82Mary Jane Watson
Fantastic Four149Aug-74A78The Owl
Fantastic Four150Sep-74A27The Black Widow
Fantastic Four151Oct-74A21Kull
Fantastic Four152Nov-74A23Sgt. Fury
Fantastic Four153Dec-74A62The Plunderer
Fantastic Four154Jan-75A100Galactus
Fantastic Four155Feb-75A16Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu
Fantastic Four159Jun-75A84Dr. Doom
Fantastic Four160Jul-75A32The Red Skull
Fantastic Four166Jan-76B13Doctor Strange
Fantastic Four167Feb-76B38Conan the Barbarian
Fantastic Four168Mar-76B65Conan the Barbarian
Fantastic Four168Mar-76B66Doctor Strange
Fantastic Four170May-76B90Doctor Strange
Fear21Apr-74A77The Swordsman
Fear24Oct-74A38Red Sonja
Fear25Dec-74A91Hela, The Goddess of Death
Frankenstein9Mar-74A68Son of Satan
Frankenstein10May-74A69Marvel Girl
Frankenstein12Sep-74A59The Golem
Frankenstein16May-75A8Captain America
Ghost Rider5Apr-74A24The Falcon
Ghost Rider6Jun-74A74The Stranger
Ghost Rider7Aug-74A20Brother Voodoo
Ghost Rider8Oct-74A48Kraven
Ghost Rider9Dec-74A81Rhino
Ghost Rider11Apr-75A66General Ross
Ghost Rider16Feb-76B30Fantastic Four
Ghost Rider18Jun-76B93Amazing Spider-Man
Giant-Size Avengers3Feb-75A41The Gladiator
Giant-Size Creatures1Jul-74A34Mr. Fantastic
Giant-Size Defenders3Jan-75A48Kraven
Giant-Size Dracula5Jun-75A55Medusa
Giant-Size Fantastic Four4Feb-75A2Hulk
Giant-Size Man-Thing3Feb-75A77The Swordsman
Giant-Size Man-Thing4May-75A36Ancient One
Giant-Size Man-Thing5Aug-75A79Kang
Giant-Size Master of Kung-Fu3Mar-75A71The Vision
Howard the Duck2Mar-76B59Fantastic Four
Incredible Hulk174Apr-74A47The Green Goblin
Incredible Hulk175May-74A56The Rawhide Kid
Incredible Hulk176Jun-74A67Cyclops
Incredible Hulk177Jul-74A39Iron Fist
Incredible Hulk179Sep-74A16Shang-Chi, Master of Kung-Fu
Incredible Hulk180Oct-74A67Cyclops
Incredible Hulk181Nov-74A54Shanna, the She-Devil
Incredible Hulk182Dec-74A59The Golem
Incredible Hulk183Jan-75A4Thing
Incredible Hulk184Feb-75A58The Mandarin
Incredible Hulk186Apr-75A11Deathlok
Incredible Hulk195Jan-76B9Doctor Strange
Incredible Hulk196Feb-76B28Conan the Barbarian
Incredible Hulk197Mar-76B51Doctor Strange
Incredible Hulk198Apr-76B74Captain America
Incredible Hulk199May-76B86Conan the Barbarian
Incredible Hulk200Jun-76B52Amazing Spider-Man
Inhumans3Feb-76B36Amazing Spider-Man
Inhumans6Aug-76B7Mighty Thor
Invaders1Aug-75A37The Watcher
Invaders3Nov-75A97Black Knight
Invaders4Jan-76B5Stan (the man) Lee
Invaders7Jul-76B51Doctor Strange
Iron Fist1Nov-75A63The Sub-Mariner
Iron Fist3Feb-76B32Mighty Thor
Iron Fist4Apr-76B61Dracula
Iron Man67Apr-74A80The Ghost Rider
Iron Man68Jun-74A29Baron Mordo
Iron Man69Aug-74A22Man-Thing
Iron Man70Sep-74A2Hulk
Iron Man71Nov-74A26Mephisto
Iron Man81Dec-75B2Dracula
Iron Man82Jan-76B2Dracula
Iron Man83Feb-76B16Mighty Thor
Iron Man84Mar-76B56Fantastic Four
Iron Man86May-76B84Fantastic Four
Iron Man87Jun-76B97Incredible Hulk
Iron Man88Jul-76B99Incredible Hulk
Jungle Action9May-74A31MODOK
Jungle Action10Jul-74A38Red Sonja
Jungle Action11Sep-74A43The Enchantress
Jungle Action12Nov-74A9Captain Marvel
Jungle Action13Jan-75A33Sue Richards, Invisible Girl
Jungle Action20Mar-76B44Conan the Barbarian
Jungle Action21May-76B81Stan (the man) Lee
Ka-Zar4Jul-74A9Captain Marvel
Ka-Zar6Nov-74A17Black Bolt
Ka-Zar8Mar-75A38Red Sonja
Ka-Zar10Aug-75A72The Lizard
Ka-Zar12Nov-75A95Mole Man
Ka-Zar15Apr-76B70Fantastic Four
Ka-Zar16Jun-76B88Silver Surfer
Ka-Zar17Aug-76B21Mighty Thor
Kull the Destroyer13Apr-74A73Kingpin
Kull the Destroyer14Jun-74A40Loki
Kull the Destroyer15Aug-74A42Man-Wolf
Man-Thing4Apr-74A17Black Bolt
Man-Thing5May-74A83Dragon Man
Man-Thing7Jul-74A19Hogun, Balder & Fandral
Man-Thing8Aug-74A37The Watcher
Man-Thing9Sep-74A53The Grim Reaper
Man-Thing10Oct-74A82Mary Jane Watson
Man-Thing13Jan-75A54Shanna, the She-Devil
Marvel Feature3Mar-76B53Captain America
Marvel Premiere15May-74A94Electro
Marvel Premiere16Jul-74A71The Vision
Marvel Premiere17Sep-74A32The Red Skull
Marvel Premiere18Oct-74A74The Stranger
Marvel Premiere19Nov-74A6Thor
Marvel Premiere20Jan-75A73Kingpin
Marvel Premiere23Aug-75A27The Black Widow
Marvel Premiere24Sep-75A74The Stranger
Marvel Premiere25Oct-75A6Thor
Marvel Premiere29Apr-76B62Mighty Thor
Marvel Premiere30Jun-76B87Incredible Hulk
Marvel Presents3Feb-76B35Doctor Strange
Marvel Presents5Jun-76B56Fantastic Four
Marvel Spotlight14Mar-74A5Dracula
Marvel Spotlight15May-74A21Kull
Marvel Spotlight16Jul-74A83Dragon Man
Marvel Spotlight17Sep-74A45Mantis
Marvel Spotlight18Oct-74A81Rhino
Marvel Spotlight19Dec-74A14The Living Mummy
Marvel Spotlight20Feb-75A26Mephisto
Marvel Spotlight26Feb-76B23Doctor Strange
Marvel Spotlight27Apr-76B69Captain America
Marvel Team-Up19Mar-74A90Hercules
Marvel Team-Up20Apr-74A25The Torch
Marvel Team-Up21May-74A33Sue Richards, Invisible Girl
Marvel Team-Up22Jun-74A92Byrrah
Marvel Team-Up23Jul-74A28Hawkeye
Marvel Team-Up24Aug-74A90Hercules
Marvel Team-Up25Sep-74A87J. Jonah Jameson
Marvel Team-Up26Oct-74A56The Rawhide Kid
Marvel Team-Up27Nov-74A68Son of Satan
Marvel Team-Up28Dec-74A43The Enchantress
Marvel Team-Up29Jan-75A11Deathlok
Marvel Team-Up30Feb-75A89Hammerhead
Marvel Team-Up33May-75A84Dr. Doom
Marvel Team-Up39Nov-75A87J. Jonah Jameson
Marvel Team-Up41Jan-76B14Amazing Spider-Man
Marvel Team-Up42Feb-76B34Fantastic Four
Marvel Team-Up43Mar-76B46Captain America
Marvel Team-Up44Apr-76B68Silver Surfer
Marvel Team-Up45May-76B75Amazing Spider-Man
Marvel Two-in-One2Mar-74A63The Sub-Mariner
Marvel Two-in-One3May-74A89Hammerhead
Marvel Two-in-One4Jul-74A88The Leader
Marvel Two-in-One5Sep-74A93Silver Surfer
Marvel Two-in-One6Nov-74A47The Green Goblin
Marvel Two-in-One7Jan-75A45Mantis
Marvel Two-in-One12Nov-75A45Mantis
Marvel Two-in-One13Jan-76B11Conan the Barbarian
Marvel Two-in-One14Mar-76B45Doctor Strange
Marvel Two-in-One15May-76B79Silver Surfer
Marvel Two-in-One18Aug-76B3Captain America
Master of Kung Fu17Apr-74A53The Grim Reaper
Master of Kung Fu18Jun-74A62The Plunderer
Master of Kung Fu19Aug-74A11Deathlok
Master of Kung Fu21Oct-74A62The Plunderer
Master of Kung Fu22Nov-74A79Kang
Master of Kung Fu23Dec-74A97Black Knight
Master of Kung Fu24Jan-75A15Iron Man
Master of Kung Fu25Feb-75A41The Gladiator
Master of Kung Fu31Aug-75A85Lilith, Dracula's Daughter
Master of Kung Fu38Mar-76B40Stan (the man) Lee
Master of Kung Fu39Apr-76B71Stan (the man) Lee
Omega the Unknown1Mar-76B58Amazing Spider-Man
Omega the Unknown2May-76B85Dracula
Omega the Unknown3Jul-76B100Stan (the man) Lee
Power Man18Apr-74A3Conan the Barbarian
Power Man19Jun-74A64Sif
Power Man20Aug-74A1Spider-Man
Power Man21Oct-74A73Kingpin
Power Man23Feb-75A3Conan the Barbarian
Power Man24Apr-75A27The Black Widow
Power Man29Feb-76B25Captain America
Power Man32Jun-76B55Mighty Thor
Power Man33Jul-76B1Amazing Spider-Man
Sgt. Fury118Mar-74A93Silver Surfer
Sgt. Fury119May-74A79Kang
Sgt. Fury120Jul-74A98The Puppet Master
Skull the Slayer3Jan-76B22Dracula
Skull the Slayer4Mar-76B54Dracula
Son of Satan1Dec-75A13Doctor Strange
Son of Satan5Aug-76B2Dracula
Strange Tales173Apr-74A45Mantis
Strange Tales174Jun-74A44The Absorbing Man
Strange Tales175Aug-74A10Power Man
Strange Tales176Oct-74A94Electro
Sub-Mariner69Mar-74A20Brother Voodoo
Sub-Mariner70May-74A98The Puppet Master
Super-Villian Team-Up4Feb-76B31Stan (the man) Lee
Super-Villian Team-Up5Aug-76B67Amazing Spider-Man
Supernatural Thrillers8Aug-74A36Ancient One
Supernatural Thrillers9Oct-74A29Baron Mordo
Supernatural Thrillers11Feb-75A86Zemo
Supernatural Thrillers12Apr-75A49Odin
Thor222Apr-74A41The Gladiator
Thor224Jun-74A87J. Jonah Jameson
Thor225Jul-74A17Black Bolt
Thor226Aug-74A58The Mandarin
Thor229Nov-74A80The Ghost Rider
Thor231Jan-75A83Dragon Man
Thor232Feb-75A85Lilith, Dracula's Daughter
Thor235May-75A23Sgt. Fury
Thor243Jan-76B7Mighty Thor
Thor244Feb-76B24Amazing Spider-Man
Thor245Mar-76B50Silver Surfer
Thor246Apr-76B73Doctor Strange
Thor249Jul-76B98Fantastic Four
Tomb of Dracula18Mar-74A7Werewolf
Tomb of Dracula19Apr-74A26Mephisto
Tomb of Dracula20May-74A88The Leader
Tomb of Dracula21Jun-74A96Dr. Octopus
Tomb of Dracula22Jul-74A27The Black Widow
Tomb of Dracula23Aug-74A50Black Panther
Tomb of Dracula24Sep-74A57The Vulture
Tomb of Dracula25Oct-74A49Odin
Tomb of Dracula26Nov-74A80The Ghost Rider
Tomb of Dracula27Dec-74A69Marvel Girl
Tomb of Dracula28Jan-75A57The Vulture
Tomb of Dracula29Feb-75A80The Ghost Rider
Tomb of Dracula30Mar-75A23Sgt. Fury
Tomb of Dracula31Apr-75A45Mantis
Tomb of Dracula34Jul-75A87J. Jonah Jameson
Tomb of Dracula35Aug-75A74The Stranger
Tomb of Dracula37Oct-75A12Daredevil
Tomb of Dracula39Dec-75A77The Swordsman
Tomb of Dracula40Jan-76B8Silver Surfer
Tomb of Dracula41Feb-76B19Incredible Hulk
Tomb of Dracula42Mar-76B43Silver Surfer
Tomb of Dracula43Apr-76B64Captain America
Tomb of Dracula44May-76B80Amazing Spider-Man
Tomb of Dracula45Jun-76B92Stan (the man) Lee
War is Hell11Feb-75A5Dracula
War is Hell13Jun-75A23Sgt. Fury
Werewolf by Night15Mar-74A75Morbius
Werewolf by Night16Apr-74A65Iceman
Werewolf by Night17May-74A99Sandman
Werewolf by Night19Jul-74A61The Red Ghost
Werewolf by Night20Aug-74A97Black Knight
Werewolf by Night21Sep-74A72The Lizard
Werewolf by Night22Oct-74A51Bucky Barnes
Werewolf by Night23Nov-74A93Silver Surfer
Werewolf by Night24Dec-74A8Captain America
Werewolf by Night25Jan-75A63The Sub-Mariner
Werewolf by Night26Feb-75A28Hawkeye
Werewolf by Night27Mar-75A9Captain Marvel
Worlds Unkown6Apr-74A35Killraven
Worlds Unkown7Jun-74A32The Red Skull
Worlds Unkown8Aug-74A75Morbius
X-Men97Feb-76B20Mighty Thor

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